Has anyone read the "Clique" series? Seriously, raise your hands. I'll raise mine too, just to make you feel better. But I won't be lying. Because I have, actually. And I actually like the books. Tons of drama for preteens, but isn't that what we all want in life? Oh, yeah, that plus a million dollars, a huge home in New York, and designer clothing.

These girls--the Pretty Committee--have it good.

But let's think for a second. Is that even real? I mean, as much as I'd love to be the fabulous daughter of a rich batch of testosterone, I'm sadly a poor--okay, middle class--bamf with more knowledge about anything than what they have in their Revlon Red toenails.

Lisi Harrison may be qualified as a genius in the teenage mind, but I don't think she compares to Einstein. Or myself. But I'm just being a self-centered bitch now.

I have no drama today, nor do I have any high school tips. Get your lazy ass away from your computer and get a life. You're reading some random chick's blog when you could be shopping, eating, or even playing a freaking game. Yeah, you don't have a life, do you?

Peace to my homiegees.
xoxo Speed



Is it just me, or is it inching closer to the end of summer? AKA, the beginning of fall. Or, for those under the age of drivers permits, scholarships, majors, and degrees, it's known as that time of year. Why, yes, the season where teachers and homework lurk. Very evil, especially if you still have your mom pack diagonally-cut peanut butter sandwiches.

Yummy? Try filet mignon next time.

Now, before you start whining about the fact that your locker is too small or your hair is too short, let's think of the good things in life. Yes, I do mean the fact that the hot senior in the back of the room is checking you out.

Newsflash: Freshmen? Yeah, don't try dating seniors. They only want one thing. Yes, it does only have three letters. Think I'm wrong? Go ahead. Ask your older brother.

Now I need to ask myself why I'm giving so much high school advice. A little bird told me that freshmen should fend for themselves and cause less drama.

Hmm. Drama? Yeah, I'd rather have that.

Oh, dear, I forgot to give you the latest in the 310 area code. Not that anything big is happening. If it were, it would be headlining this page. It isn't? Well slap my bottom and call me Betsy.

Actually, don't. I'll just tell you.

J and N are still together, despite their flirtatious demeanor. A, Z, and T getting lockers together. Still in that love triangle? Let's hope not. D and T, back to being BFFLs? Even while R is shunning D?

Someone wants out of the social scheme, it seems.

Last but not least, dutiful S parading around the campus...with her mom. Drop her, and you may survive.

Now I'm off to get my beauty sleep. Early, isn't it? You should too, unless you want to be late for school. And no, I'm not just talking to the kiddies stuck in zero period.

Peace to my homiegees.
xoxo Speed



Well, howdy.
Ew, did I say howdy and actually mean it? Let's try this again.
Hi. Yes, that's better. Let's start the day off with something a little different. Is it just me, or is life where I live completely and utterly lame?
Oh, wait. I'm sorry. That's you.

Now, for the real deal. How to Survive High School. Because everyone knows that it's hell on earth. I might as well add middle school into this, seeing as the "supercool eighth graders" seemingly turn into dorky freshmen.
And everyone hates freshmen.
Rule number 1: Please don't make a scene in the middle of the hallway with your friends. No one gives a damn about how happy you and your "boyfriend" are. And don't call him your boyfriend until he can actually drive you somewhere.
Rule Number 2: Don't talk to upperclassmen. Just don't.
Rule number 3: Stick to your own style. Don't try to look all "NYC" because nobody will care. Try to blend in, and you won't get thrown into a trashcan.

Have you heard the latest news in the South Bay area? No? Well I have. And don't go sucking up to me about it. I'll tell you.
N's and S's former cross country/track coach was thrown in prison. Why? He's a pedophile. At least, that's what a little bird told me.
N and J (the taller one) are together. I guess asian guys can get white girls.

Now I'm off to get myself a croissant, and maybe watch a bit of What Not to Wear.
Tata chickies.

Peace to my homiegees.
xoxo Speed


Why, Hello There

Hey. Long time no see, right? Let's start this one off with a few wants and needs.
Want means something desired.
means something required.
For example, every teenage boy wants to get laid. Every teenage boy needs a good tube of deodorant.

Now let's go for something new. No need to go all Gossip Girl on you, but really, what's life like without a teeny dose of drama? And, no, I'm not talking about the fact that old Mr. Donovan is currently watering his plants while wearing nothing but a Speedo.
Meet the girls of LA: N, our resident flirt. LA princess? I think not. Then we have the studious S. Is it just me, or does this girl never seem to have time on her hands? A comes next as the resident sweetheart. And lastly, there's R, the bad girl.

N is flirting up a storm with J. Thought you were over him? K and A are making googly eyes at each other--summer fling?

And now for a relaxing game of tennis. Or maybe just a smoothie.

Peace to my homiegees.
xoxo Speed


Bet On It

I'm listening to that song now. It's quite catchy, despite Zac Efron's obviously choreographed dancing.
HSM is so cliche.
Grease is the REAL High School Musical. Even if HSM is a little more...well...child-friendly. I mean, it's got Vanessa Hudgens, whose nude pics floated on the web. And then at the end of HSM 2 there is Miley Cyrus--I mean Girl by the Pool. Yeah. She's 15, but she has her own promiscuous photos flying all over Google. Go figure.

This is quite a short post. I just felt like letting off steam and pissing off a few celebrities and obsessed fans.

You can't love me, you can't hate me.
Peace to my homiegees.
xoxo Speed